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Did you know?

Music therapy has been shown to improve quality of life scores for adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, and to enhance coping skills in response to stressful life events.
And yet, there has been 50% reduction in music programs country wide in the last 7 years.

Did you know?

88 % of people agree that an education in and through the arts is essential for youth to set high standards for themselves, have ambitions & aspiration for success, and develop the skills to fulfill their dreams.


Did you know?

Youth who participate in music education are more likely to develop analytical and leadership skills necessary in a productive workplace.


Heal Through Music

The mission of Music of the Heart is to use the power of music as a tool to promote holistic healing and music education. Music of the Heart accomplishes this by creating innovative music programs for youth in America and around the world. Through these programs, Music of the Heart spreads the beauty and the power of music, and changes the way a person feels one note at a time. Music of the Heart is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Current Projects

Music of the Heart has created two innovative music education programs: Heal and IMEP. Both these programs will help youth express their emotions and enhance their cognitive abilities through music. Music of the Heart also has health programs established. Read more